Cooking became a necessity after I moved out on my own. After missing mom's homecooked meals and wanting to broaden my culinary skills beyond the musician's staple of mac n cheese or ramen noodles, I decided to learn how to cook. I get a lot of practice and either delight in my abilities or suffer the consequences of my actions, depending on whether I closely followed instructions or decided to go on one of my improvisational flights of fancy.

I liken cooking to teaching or music making, in that, through practice and repetition it is possible to refine one's skills and eventually one can claim to be an artisan [not that I ever would, unless I received proper training!] It is also a great way to save money and to expand my love of learning in a new area. I've included some recipes that were either bestowed upon me or collected from various sources for your enjoyment. Happy eating!

filipino recipes
chicken nilaga:
A soup-based healthy and simple meal.

chicken pastel:
A filipino version of the north-american chicken pot pie.

chicken afritada:
Another chicken dish in a tomato-based stew.

pork and chicken adobo:
A classic dish.

pork sinigang:
Sour broth with green veggies making use of tamarind powder.

beef picadillo:
A dish based on the spanish picadillo, also making use of the potent tamarind powder.

beef bistek:
My version of the Philippine influenced beef steak.

beef mechado:
Another beef dish in a tomato-based stew.

pancit bihon:
This noodle recipe comes straight from my grandmother.

clam soup:
Dad's version of a Chinese-inspired favourite.

guinataan halo-halo:
A favourite dessert from mom's cookbook.

chris trinidad specials [!]
ramen noodles:
A broke musician's staple.

mac 'n cheese:
Another broke musician's staple.

chinese sausage and string bean omelette:
A fusion experiment that tastes good!

coconut chicken corn soup:
Deciphered this Asian-influenced soup from a restaurant in Burnaby, BC, Canada.

red bean dessert soup:
That nice sweet soup that they serve at the end of a chinese banquet-style meal.


chicken nilaga - done

chicken pastel

pork sinigang

beef bistek

beef picadillo

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