gear acquisition syndrome

Gear acquisition syndrome, or 'gas', is an affliction which affects many musicians. The sight of instruments and tools to ease the artist's burden of channeling creativity and interpreting the muse is a seduction that no musician can truly avoid. Besides, every self-respecting musician needs to have a brag page on his website to talk about his toys ... I mean ... gear.

bass guitarists of note discography

A thoroughly biased discography and ongoing document of interesting bass guitarists involved in creative music and who work primarily in improvising situations, avant-garde, or in straight-ahead jazz. Part of the aim of this discography is to prove to naysayers that the bass guitar is just as viable in creative music as its larger cousin the double bass.

slowjams and power ballads songography

The music of late night middle of the road radio, long commuter car rides to school, and the Trinidad household. This is the kind of list that can get me excommunicated by some of the artists I am privileged to work with and kicked out of some of the projects that I am involved in. Nevertheless, all of this music is a part of my upbringing. If my favorite trumpeter Cuong Vu can honestly admit some of his musical influences to the world, then so can I.

hearing audiogram 2oo7

Constant gigging and teaching music five days a week can really take a toll on one's ears. The place where I bought my custom musician's ear plugs was offering free hearing tests and so I decided to take advantage of the offer. The results were startling: apparently, I haven't lost that much hearing after many years of music making!

supremacy 1914

A former student of mine introduced me to this online strategy game. Think of it as Risk on steroids, using real-time actions with time delayed elements that allow for low intensity but high level strategy game play. A little diversion, a guilty pleasure even, from the seriousness of work!

the wisdom of keisuke miyagi

I grew up watching the original Karate Kid series of films. The fictional martial arts master played by the late Pat Morita had the quirkiest one-liners. And, hidden within his lines were gems of simple philosophical brilliance.

visiting vancouver

I've been exporting Canadian values to the United States of America since 2008. My home and native land is indeed the true north, strong, and free! My fellow United Statesian colleagues are often interested in visiting Vancouver. Here's a handy little guide on what is worth checking out!

where in the world ... ?

A map of the world; places visited and seen. As relayed in some of the classes that I teach ... Trinidad's Tips for Teens: Tip #426 - Travelling is possibly the best education one can receive!


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