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Here's my mom's recipe with a slight modification of ingredients.
In particular, the addition of sweet potato adds a nice sweetness to the soup.
Great for a cold winter's day! Here's a new tagalog word
for you to learn: 'manok' [mah-NOK] which means 'chicken'.


3 lbs of chicken: any parts including bones
3 tsps of sea salt
2 medium [or 1 large] sized onions: quartered
12 medium button mushrooms: sliced in half
2 medium carrots: sliced in chunks
1 medium sweet potato: sliced in chunks
4 bunches of shanghai bok choi: cut from stems
4 leaves of siu choi [napa cabbage]: cut from stems and sliced

chicken nilaga - veggie prep 1 chicken nilaga - veggie prep 2 chicken nilaga - chicken n salt


chicken nilaga - done


>> prep veggies
>> clean chicken and cut into three inch pieces including bones
>> put in a casserole with sufficient water to cover the chicken
>> add salt
>> add onions
>> bring to a high boil
>> remove 'crap' that floats to the top
>> add carrots and sweet potato
>> reduce temperature and maintain boiling for approximately 30 minutes
>> add remaining veggies and continue boil until cooked but not wilted

chicken nilaga - chicken n onions chicken nilaga - chicken n onions boiling chicken nilaga - add carrots and potatoes


>> serves approximately 4 or 5
>> traditionally served with white rice as side dish but works as a standalone dish
>> traditionally served with fish sauce and lemon to add flavour [not for me!]
>> when trying to lose weight, try eating without rice.
>> the bulk of the veggies and the soup will fill you up!

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