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Here's my version of a childhood favourite. The sourness in the broth
is brought to you by the potent tamarind powder. Here's a new tagalog word
for you to learn: 'baboy' [bah-BOI] which means 'pork'.


3 lbs of pork neck bones and ribs
2 medium [or 1 large] sized onions: quartered
3 medium tomatoes
1 big bunch of green beans: tips cut
1 small bunch of left over cabbage
2 40g packages of knorr tamarind soup base

pork sinigang pork sinigang pork sinigang


pork sinigang


>> prep veggies
>> clean pork
>> put in a casserole with sufficient water to cover the pork
>> bring to a high boil
>> remove 'crap' that floats to the top
>> add onions
>> add tomatoes
>> add tamarind powder
>> cover casserole, lower heat, and let simmer for a good 45 minutes
>> remove more 'crap' that floats to the top
>> add green beans
>> add left over cabbage
>> continue low simmer until veggies are cooked but not wilted

pork sinigang pork sinigang pork sinigang


>> serves approximately 6
>> traditionally served with white rice [trust me, you'll need it as a 'tonic']
>> great for a winter day!

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