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Our expedition of faith began early this school year when we made the conscientious decision to sing repertoire that focused on the sacred and perhaps the sublime. At the start of the year, and as a brand new edition of the Voices Utopia Chamber Choir, we were not sure where we would go. And so, we ventured forward bravely, with intention and purpose, and with every faithful conviction of collectively coming closer to our faith through music. Every Tuesday and Thursday morning at 7:15 we would meet and come together to discuss the meaning of the words in the music, to prayerfully reflect on the application of those meanings to our lives, and to make music, together.

Through the exploration of this music, we grew as people, as musicians, and as artists since our humble beginnings just a few years ago. Together, we experienced affirmation from adjudicators and choral experts that was then followed by triumphs at local festivals that in turn led to invitations to provincial and then national levels of competition.

And yet, we often forget that the original meaning of competition is "to meet and come together." With our successes in perspective, we set about planning this recording to document our experiences. Through hard work, perseverance, and dedication to our craft, the choral art, we met and came together on a rainy May long weekend to capture a moment in time. Indeed, listening closely to some of the tracks will reveal the Lower Mainland rain and Burnaby street traffic that often accompanies us gently during our rehearsals.

This recording is an aural representation of our collective journey. The music allowed us to come closer to the meaning of our personal relationship with our God. We, the members of the St Thomas More Collegiate Voices Utopia Chamber Choir, present this recording to you with a devoted sense of humility and gratitude. May the music presented here encourage and accompany you on your own expedition of faith.

Chris Trinidad, conductor


VU 2007 Cover

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