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master of education admission essay october 2004

Working daily with young people has further inspired my thirst for knowledge. I am always looking for a better method as well as a more efficient approach, and I continually strive to enhance my understanding of the practice and philosophy of music education. I am also inspired by UBC professors who have undertaken graduate academic work in order to broaden their understanding and to make a contribution to the music education profession. In asking for advice about the pursuit of graduate work, I have come to understand the requirements of such an undertaking.

I believe that the first of these is a relentless love of learning. Being a teacher has allowed me the opportunity to continue my passion for lifelong learning. I have taken the liberty of immersing myself in the latest literature on the philosophy of music education, including reading David Elliott’s Music Matters, as well as becoming familiar with publications directly related to music education. In doing so, I attempt to broaden my understanding of music education so that I can bring its ideas to the music room.

The second of these is a love for the profession. Being a musician with several years of professional experiences has made it a natural transition to bring these experiences to a music room setting. Now, as a music educator, seeing my student-musicians understand a concept that I have taught them and watching them grow as people gives me constant joy. I aim to share my knowledge, both as a professional musician and as a teacher, not only with student-musicians but with other practicing teachers. To that end, I have contributed several articles to the Canadian Music Educator, sharing my knowledge and experiences.

Finally, I think my love of challenges furthers the opportunities for professional and personal growth. Taking the leap to becoming a music educator was not easy; however, I pursued the field with determined resolve and today I continue to succeed with much perseverance and dedication. I was the first in my cohort to be hired. Since then, I have taken the necessary steps to revitalize a music program and have enjoyed growth of 40 initial student-musicians to 70 by the end of my first year. There are now over 140 student-musicians involved in the program and this reflects approximately 22% of the total student population. A full program of concerts, tours and development opportunities now exist for student-musicians involved in the music program.

Acceptance to undertake the Master of Arts program in Music Education through UBC’s Faculty of Education, Department of Graduate Studies, will allow me to realize and further my goal of better understanding young people and their relationship with music. To that end, I have begun formulating a potential research question: “The Roles, Values and Influences of Music in Popular Media on Canadian Adolescents and Its Significance in Music Education.” My hope is that further study at UBC will allow me to address this query and to make a positive contribution my profession.



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