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bachelor of education admission essay march 2002

Working with young people in a variety of contexts and inspiring them to meet their goals are some of the reasons why I wish to become a secondary school teacher. There has been nothing in my life more satisfying than seeing a student succeed after having had a direct hand in helping them develop concepts or ideas. These revelations made themselves known to me over the last year when I was given the opportunity to become more involved in teaching and coaching various groups of children and youth. I have learned numerous different things in that span of time but the concept that best describes my experiences is the idea that teachers themselves are perpetual students.

It is a personal conviction that the learning process never stops. It is a lifelong endeavour that aims to advance the cause of the human condition. As a teacher, one can realize this concept by keeping up with current trends and understanding students needs and personal cultures. Students can identify with ideas with which they are familiar and teachers can use this knowledge to implement or complement their lesson materials. Within the classroom, students can inform teachers of their needs and if they should have appropriate suggestions then the teacher should be willing to listen, and if feasible, adapt their lesson mateirals to accomodate these suggestions. In my observation, I have found that students who are taught by knowledgeable and adaptable teachers are more interested and involved with the material at hand and with the learning process.

Volunteering at a local high school has developed my acuity for patience and flexibility. I have come to understand that people learn differently and at different rates. Therefore, guiding students by using creative methodology could be the key to unlocking the mystery at hand. One of the best ways of achieving this is for a teacher to constantly upgrade their comprehension of pedagogical techniques.

I have always admired people who have been able to lead knowing that they have the respect of their students. I have observed that these students often look up to their teachers who are seen as positive role models. The relationship that these teachers have with their students is that of mutual respect. It is a concept that would undoubtedly aid in the learning process, and more importantly, in the enhancement of the social growth of young people.

Knowledge, patience, flexibility, creativity, and mutual respect are just some of the attributes that define a good teacher. Hard work, passion, and commitment to teaching and involvement in the growth and development of young people as positive members of society are qualities that I feel teachers should also possess. It is my hope that through my acceptance into the Bachelor of Education degree program I will further be given the opportunity to develop these qualities and attributes and to continue my personal journey of lifelong learning.



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