st thomas more collegiate: miscellaneous documents

a philosophical rationale for secondary music education: 2003

When I was preparing to become a music educator, I saw it fit to put to paper what I saw as an ideal, broad-based musical education at the secondary school level.

on practicing: 2003

I wrote this document and distributed this to both my band and chorus students. Culled from various sources, this was intended to give some guidance to student-musicians who were new to the world of intentional practice. Today, I would probably ask students to also have a recording device to check their work. This was the pre-smartphone days, folks!

on professionalism: 2003

This document was written for my student-musicians. The intention was to provide them with clear guidelines on comportment in festival and other performance situations.

ten things to keep in mind as a new music educator: 2005

I was invited to sit on a panel and speak to music education majors at the University of British Columbia about my views on the role of a new teacher.

band specialist interview questions inventory: 2006

I proposed to expand the scope of the music department and was given the opportunity to select and screen potential candidates as well as participate in the interview process. Here are a list of questions that were culled from various sources as well as insights into what our administration and I were looking for.



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