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On June 28th and June 29th, I was called in to substitute for the incredible Al Johnston with Rumba Calzada for a short 2 date tour of Regina and Saskatoon for the 2003 SaskTel Jazz Festival. We were paired for both dates with Orquesta Energia from Edmonton. With the band for this tour was roommate Rod Murray on trombone, leader Raphael Geronimo on timbal kit and bg vox, Rolo Preza on congas and lead vox, incredible multi-instrumentalist Nick Apivor on vibes, keyboards and shekere and myself playing bass guitar and singing bg vox.

flat view of regina! rumba calzada group shot pogi naman! rolo bows for regina! band autographs ct autographs! hotel lobby leak!
rolo gots a new ride! rod murray chillin! goofy shot of ct rumba joins energia onstage ct and raph have fun at bonfire rolo sings mexican drinking songs! nick and rod scoping the scene


The show on the 28th was in Regina and the following day was in Saskatoon. Chance would have it that we would run into my old buddy from Cap College William Benavides. Chance would also have it that he and Rolo were good friends and played latin folkloric music together in various groups. Will was travelling across the country with his girlfriend and his girlfriend's sister lives in Saskatoon. They invited the band over to her sister's place where we enjoyed a nice BBQ dinner and sat around a bonfire jamming old Boleros and Mexican Drinking songs. A good time was had by all.

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