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I had the idea of putting together a group centered around Nick Apivor, Budge Schachte, and Davidian Chorley, all of whom are freelance musicians in the Vancouver scene that I have had the privilege of sharing the stage with. Nick, I met on a movie set; Budge, I met while playing with Nick in Ache Brasil; Davidian, I met while playing with Nick in the Marlin Ramazzini Orquesta. See the connections? During my teacher education at UBC, I reconnected with my band teacher from Vancouver College, Larry Olson. He was also the man who gave me my very first gig: playing "Tigers of San Pedro" at the Kelowna Interior Jazz Festival in 1994 with the Junior Stage Band. He's also quite the percussionist and drum set player and I remember being in awe of his capabilities when I was his student. Larry turned out to be the perfect match for the type of sound I wanted to achieve for this project.

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Common Themes are about the connections I have made with freelance music makers and I wanted to showcase their musicianship and their compositions, and in some cases, to bring together musicians who have never played together but are connected through CT: Chris Trinidad/Common Themes. These guys had compositions or arrangements that I have admired for some time. It is also the only Common Themes project to feature me singing in four languages, no less: English, Tagalog, French, and Spanish. Common Themes One is the first part of a trilogy/triptych that documents these connections. The sessions took place at Bakerstreet Studios with Mike Rogerson engineering.

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