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This group of music makers is a pretty funny bunch. Knowing this, I setup my minidisc recorder and grabbed our rehearsal sessions together. I excerpted some of the funnier instances. I meant to include them in the album but felt that they might be out of place since the other Common Themes projects don't have any soundbites. We musicians have a weird sense of humour or an overabundance of strange enthusiasm.

Boy Scout Budge ... the ever unpredictable Budge:

Double Bladed Axe ... Nick recounts a story of a New York trombonist:

Food and Tunes ... after playing through one of Dave's tunes for the first time:

Interesting Choices ... when musicians play 'out':

The Next Stop ... an idea after SkyTrain A Train?

Time Limitations ... at the studio, Mike wonders about breaks and time and Chris wonders about hockey:


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