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During my time at the Jesuit School of Theology at Berkeley [JSTB] (now the Jesuit School of Theology of Santa Clara University at Berkeley), I was employed as a coordinator of liturgical music. The ministerial position was a practical application of the theology and the theory that I was learning during the course of my program. An upright piano was fixed along one side of the wall and this became the accompaniment instrument that I would use to help lead the worshipping community on any given Tuesday evening at 5.15 pm during the academic semester.

At first, it was nerve-wracking to have professors, lecturers, and fellow theologians sitting in the assembly. But, as I settled into my role, I found a creative opportunity to write liturgical music appropriate for the space and for that particular assembly. After all, JSTB was the place where the famous Saint Louis Jesuits convened for one summer in 1974 to write songs that would become a regular part of the worship of the Catholic Church in the United States. I was eager to experiment, to apply, and to create as a way of sharing whatever gifts I have been given for the benefit of those professors, lecturers, and fellow theologians who would later become friends.

responsorial psalms [ct for jstb]
psalm 88 (2-3; 4-5; 6; 7-8): let my prayer come before you, lord: 09.30.08
psalm 37 (3-4; 18 and 23; 27 and 29): the salvation of the just comes from the lord: 11.11.08
psalm 96 (10; 11-12; 13): the lord comes to judge the earth: 11.25.08
psalm 102 (2-3; 16-18; 19-21): o lord, hear my prayer and let my cry come to you: 03.31.09
psalm 87 (1b-3; 4-5; 6-7) [psalm 117]: all you nations, praise the lord: 05.05.09
psalm 13 (6ab; 6c) [isaiah 61.10]: with delight i rejoice in the lord: 09.08.09
psalm 101 (1b-2ab; 2cd-3ab; 5; 6): i will walk with blameless heart: 09.15.09
psalm 19 (2-3; 4-5): the heavens proclaim the glory of god: 10.13.09
psalm 94 (12-13a; 14-15; 18-19): blessed are those you instruct, o lord: 02.16.10
psalm 46 (2-3; 5-6; 8-9): the lord of hosts is with us: 03.16.10

tuesday introits for lent [ct for jstb]
psalm 90 (1-2): from every age, o lord [first tuesday of lent]: 03.03.09
psalm 13 (3-4): give light to my eyes lord [second tuesday of lent]: 03.10.09
psalm 17 (6-8): i call upon you, god [third tuesday of lent]: 03.17.09
psalm 26 (14): put your hope in the lord [fifth tuesday of lent]: 03.31.09
psalm 26 (12): false witnesses have stood up against me [tuesday of holy week]: 04.07.09
isaiah 55 (1): come to the waters, all who thirst [fourth tuesday of lent]: 03.16.10

ignatian prayers and jesuit litanies [ct for jstb]
suscipe [receive, o lord]: 04.28.09
presente [we remember]: 11.16.09
anima christi [soul of christ]: 03.02.10
prayer for generosity: 03.09.10

Liturgical music selection is a difficult process requiring plenty of prayer, discernment, and prudent judgment. There are so many factors to consider including the existing repertoire of the gathered assembly, the expansive tradition of chant and hymnody, and the new liturgical music being composed for the present generation. I worked in collaboration with a liturgical committee to assure a sense of cohesion between the liturgical season (and the feast or solemnity being celebrated), the lectionary readings, the homily or sermon, and the music. It goes without saying, of course, that the music has to eminently be singable by the congregation and must draw one into a sense of liturgical prayer. Though it is impossible to please everyone, it is important to listen to the needs of the people and be open to suggestions while simultaneously giving glory to God. These selections are representative of this process and is a snapshot of ministering to the musical needs of a particular community in a particular time.

liturgical music selections
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