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neckbodytools allcomingtogether backcavityrouter protected electronicscavityrouter electronicscavityroutercloseup neckfretmarkers
neckfretmarkerscloseup neckbodyspray bodyspray accessories lastspraycoat ctfinished neckandheadstock


During my last two years at St Thomas More Collegiate, I decided to participate in a unique program led by luthier and master teacher Mike Kinal. Basically, he shares his knowledge about guitar building and teaches the kids how to design their own guitar from scratch. I thought that it would be fun to expand my love of learning in a new area. After all, how many people can say that they actually built their own guitar? It took me quite a while to finish the guitar and it involved a lot of sanding, sanding, and more sanding (and sometimes routering). The concept behind this guitar was to combine aspects from four different guitar models: a basic semi-hollow telecaster style body, a cross between a chunky gibson style neck and samick (!) fingerboard dimensions, and a rickenbacker headstock.

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