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San Francisco Bay Area based musician, teacher, and scholar Chris Trinidad has fallen into the place where everything is music. Originally from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, his relationship with music grew through his exploration of the bass guitar, the drum set, voice, songwriting, and choral conducting. Chris's formal education includes undergraduate training in Jazz Studies and Secondary Education, and graduate work in the fields of Philosophy and Sociology of Music Education, Theological and Liturgical Studies, and the Educational Philosophy and Spiritual Vision of John Baptist de La Salle. All of these seemingly disparate disciplines and interests help to inform the music that he makes. He has discerned that the core purpose of his work is to accompany and encourage people to pursue their calling. He currently divides his time between freelance music making with various groups and artists, trying to develop high school students into compassionate human beings, and working on defeating his addiction to improvising excessively in the saddest of all keys ... D minor. For more information, visit his website at www.christrinidad.com.

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